The Miami DDA is the go-to resource and authority for information on Downtown Miami. The research team collects data and dives into the numbers to reveal patterns and trends that benefit investors, developers, brokers, and the public as a whole.

Recent Reports
All of the Miami DDA’s reports and brochures can be downloaded here, however we have pulled out a few highlights from our most recent reports to give you a birdseye view of what is happening in Downtown Miami.

Greater Downtown Miami Tourism Report
Downtown Miami is a vibrant place for tourists, residents, workers, and students alike. It’s an international region that is full of diversity and thrilling attractions. Downtown Miami has entry points for tourists via water, land, air, and rail. This report provides a brief summary of the main drivers of tourism within Greater Downtown Miami; including analysis on: ports of entry, hotel occupancy rates, types of attractions, and tourism characteristic comparisons between Greater Downtown Miami, City of Miami, and Miami-Dade County. Click here to download the report.

Residential Market Study
Our marquis analysis describes the development cycle, the stages of the pipeline, and a sales and leasing metric. The 2016 report shows a return to a moderate pace of development which reflects the strong U.S. dollar, a tightening lending environment, and the belief among developers that absorption will remain level for the foreseeable future. Click here to download the report.

2016 Demographic Report

Since 2010, the population of Greater Downtown Miami has increased more than 30%, to 88,540 people. Downtowners are mostly young, educated professionals; nearly 40,000 residents are between the ages of 25-44. The population of children between the ages of 0-14 has also increased by almost 14%, since 2010. Click here to download the report.

Office Market Report
This report serves as the DDA’s comprehensive overview of Downtown Miami’s office market through the end of 2015. The report shows growth in occupancy rates, lease rates within striking distance of their all-time highs, and co-working an important option for small business growth. Click here to download the report.

Retail Market Report

This study sets the baseline for understanding the retail marketplace as developments are introduced into the landscape. Downtown will welcome 1.4 million square feet of retail space over the next 3 years — marking a 22% increase in leasable area; current retail sales are over $4.5B annually with revenues up to $500 per square foot. Click here to download the report.