Educational Resources

In today’s knowledge economy, quality educational institutions are essential components of a thriving business environment.  Downtown Miami has become a regional center for learning and professional development.  More and more of the top schools open their campuses in Downtown Miami, realizing that is the best place to establish international centers of learning, with its diverse and growing economy and population.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools provides a variety of outstanding public school options, including iPrep Academy and Southside K-8. In addition to Downtown Miami Charter and the Children’s Museum Charter schools, a new state of the art facility for Mater Brickell Prep Academy charter school is expected to be constructed by 2021. Moreover, a number of world renowned private schools are in the process of establishing their campuses in the Greater Downtown area, adding to already impressive inventory of excellent K-12 options.  These include Avenues World School and Centner Academy.

The Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College is home to over 27,800 students and offers close to 200 undergraduate programs. The college houses two nationally recognized high schools: the School for Advanced Studies and the New World School of the Arts.  Florida International University’s Brickell campus offers Master’s degrees in business administration, international real estate, finance, global governance and healthcare administration. The Miami International University of Art and Design caters to career-focused education in creative professions. This year, the Babson College, ranked #1 MBA program for entrepreneurship in the country, opened one of its campuses in Downtown Miami.

Early Education in Greater Downtown Miami
Choosing how and where to build a child’s educational foundation is one of the most important and difficult choices parents and guardians face. To make the selection process easier, the Miami DDA created an interactive map of early childhood centers. The map showcases the location of preschools, daycares and childcare facilities located within Greater Downtown Miami.

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K-12 Education in Greater Downtown Miami

Beyond early education, Downtown is part of the nation’s 4th largest school district, the Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS).

Please click here for access to the MDCPS database that can provide you with information about the public schools that your address is assigned to, as well as all charter schools located in the area.

Listed below are the current K-12 educational assets in Greater Downtown Miami.

Downtown Miami Charter School
305 NW 3 Ave
Miami 33128
Enieda M. Hartner Elementary School
401 NW 29 St
Miami 33127
iPrep Academy
1500 Biscayne Blvd
Miami 33132
Miami Arts Center School Wynwood
95 NW 23 St
Miami 33127
BridgePrep Academy
621 SW 22 Ave (Beacom Blvd)
Miami, FL 33135
Jose de Diego Middle School
3100 NW 5 Ave
Miami 33127
Key Point Academy
609 Brickell Ave
Miami 33131
Paul Laurence Dunbar Elementary School
505 NW 20th St
Miami 33127
KLA Elementary School
625 SW 1st Ave.
Miami, FL 33130
Paul L. Dunbar K-8 School
505 NW 20 ST
Miami, FL 33127
Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Senior High
300 NW 2 Ave
Miami 33128
CARE Elementary School
2025 NW 1 Ave
Miami 33127
Miami Children’s Museum Charter School
980 MacArthur Cswy
Miami 33132
Phillis Wheatley Elementary School
1801 NW 1 Pl
Miami 33136
New World School of the Arts
25 NE 2 St
Miami 33132
Primary Learning Center
1500 Biscayne Blvd
Miami 33132
School for Advanced Studies – Wolfson Campus
25 NE 2 St
Miami 33132
Theodore R. & Thelma A. Gibson Charter School
1682 NW 4 Ave
Miami, FL 33136
Southside Elementary
45 SW 13 St
Miami 33130
Frederick Douglass Elementary School
314 NW 12 St
Miami 33136
Metropolitan International School of Miami
3465 NW 2 Ave
Miami 33127
ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School
1 NE 19 St
Miami 33132

Higher Education in Downtown Miami

To keep up with the changing demands of the business market in Downtown Miami, the educational resources are keeping pace to ensure companies have the talents they need for where they are headed next.
Attending a higher education institution can open the door to various career paths and be a gateway to countless opportunities to enhance one’s quality of life. This story map conveys the locations of colleges and universities located within Greater Downtown Miami.

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