June 04, 2018

Bloomberg | Fund Managers Are Ditching Wall Street for Florida

Florida’s long-running effort to lure Wall Street hotshots is gaining traction thanks to a provision in the federal tax law that hits residents of high-tax states. Click here to read the full article from Bloomberg.

May 16, 2018

Bis Now | Never Mind South Beach Miami’s Downtown Is Undergoing A Multibillion Dollar Transformation

In 2010, when LeBron James announced during a televised ESPN special that he would be “taking his talents to South Beach” and joining the Miami Heat, Floridians chuckled, because while South Beach is the main tourist drag on a barrier island, the Heat’s stadium is actually located across a causeway, on the mainland in downtown […]

May 15, 2018

Fast Company | Can this new privately funded train reshape transit in Florida

Every weekday, Mike Kovensky of Delray Beach, Florida, wakes up at 4:30 a.m. and drives 50 miles to Miami, where he runs sales and marketing for the InterContinental Hotel. “So what I do is I come to the hotel, work out, shower, and get ready here,” Kovensky says. “Because if I do that all at […]

May 14, 2018

Miami Herald | Heres one idea to relieve downtown traffic Dig a tunnel under the Miami River

The Miami River is one of the city’s great unsung assets. But traversing the waterway gets more problematic by the year as downtown continues to grow at a vertigo-inducing pace. Click here to read the full article from the Miami Herald.

June 11, 2018

Florida Trend | Miami Dade

The developer of the 60 story Paramount Miami Worldcenter recently modified the residential tower’s design, adding a 5,000 sq.ft., rooftop “skyport” to accommodate future vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Developer Dan Kodsi noted that Uber Elevated says it will begin testing such air taxis in 2020. Click here to read the full article from Florida […]

June 04, 2018

Miami Herald – Business Monday | More people than ever live in downtown and they’re starting to raise families

When Ana Grimaldi and her husband, Lucio, relocated from New York City to Miami six years ago, the couple already had a young son. But instead of a family-friendly suburb, the pair opted to settle in Brickell, mostly to be close to Lucio’s workplace. Click here to read the full article from the Miami Herald.