Fast Facts
  • Miami DDA Area: 1.7 Square Miles
  • 2014 Population: 80,750
  • 2014 Daytime Population: 222,000
  • 2019 Projected Population: 92,519
  • 22,785 Residential Units Built Since 2003
  • 18.6 Million Sq. Ft. of Office Space
  • 7,124 Hotel Rooms

Demographic Report


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DDA Boundaries and Districts
DDA Boundary  PDF
DDA District Boundaries (Current) PDF
DDA Districts (2010): Parcels PDF
DDA Subdistrict Map - Brickell PDF
DDA Subdistrict Map - Central Business District  PDF
DDA Subdistrict Map - Arts & Entertainment PDF
Downtown Geographic
& Regulatory Boundaries
Greater Downtown Miami AreaPDF
City of Miami & Miami DDA Boundary PD
Municipal Boundaries & DDA Boundary PDF
Zip Code Boundaries   PDF
DDA Area Enterprise Zones PDF
DDA Area Empowerment Zones PDF 
Downtown DRI Boundaries PDF
DDA Area Entertainment Districts PDF
City of Miami CRA Boundaries PDF
Miami-Dade County Commission Districts PDF
City of Miami Commission Districts in Downtown PDF
City of Miami Code Enforcement Zones PDF
Environmental Conditions
DDA Area FEMA Flood Zones PDF
Downtown Infrastructure and Public Amenities
DDA Area Street Ownership PDF
DDA Area Parks PDF
DDA Area Parking PDF
Downtown Properties and Businesses
Schools (Primary, Secondary, Higher-Ed) PDF
Downtown Landmarks PDF
Central Business District Office Buildings PDF
Central Business District Residential Buildings PDF
Central Business District Hotels PDF
Central Business District Historic Sites PDF
DDA Area Historic Sites PDF
Downtown Area Projects and Programs
Downtown Panhandling Prohibited Areas Map 2010 PDF